Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Most Visted Waymarks

Count Category Waymark
61 Casinos Bellagio Hotel and Casino
58 Amusement Parks Walt Disney World - EPCOT
57 Amusement Parks Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom
54 Plane Crash Sites World Trade Center - New York City
52 Castles Cinderella Castle
52 National Parks (U.S.) Washington Monument
50 Lion Statues MGM Grand Lion
50 Wikipedia Entries Washington Monument
48 Amusement Parks Disneyland
45 Water Dams Hoover Dam
43 Amusement Parks Walt Disney World - MGM Studios
43 Wikipedia Entries Lincoln Memorial
42 Fountains WWII Memorial
42 Fountains Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas NV
41 Obelisks Washington Monument
40 Odd-Shaped Buildings Spaceship Earth
40 World Heritage Sites Statue of Liberty
40 Waterfalls NIAGARA FALLS - - Ontario - CANADA.
39 Odd-Shaped Buildings Seattle Space Needle
39 Amusement Parks Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom
38 George Washington Washington Monument
38 Wikipedia Entries World Trade Center
38 NPS Passport Cancellation Stations Lincoln Memorial
38 Art Vehicles Jenny the Traveling Love Bus
38 Casinos MGM Grand Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas NV
38 Wikipedia Entries National World War II Memorial
37 Plane Crash Sites Empire State Building
37 National Parks (U.S.) Yellowstone National Park
37 Wikipedia Entries The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
37 Korean War Memorials Korean War Memorial Washington D.C.
37 Wikipedia Entries Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign
36 National Parks (U.S.) Grand Canyon National Park
36 Amusement Parks Disney's California Adventure
34 Exact Replicas Eiffel Tower Paris Casino Las Vegas
34 Casinos New York New York Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas NV
34 Casinos Paris Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas NV
34 World Heritage Sites Venice and its Lagoon
34 Odd-Shaped Buildings Eiffel Tower - Paris (France)
33 Official Local Tourism Attractions Washington Monument Washington D.C.
33 Neon Signs Fabulous Welcome Sign - Las Vegas NV
33 Wikipedia Entries Walt Disney World Resort
33 World Heritage Sites Sagrada Família Barcelona Spain
33 Skyscrapers Empire State Building New York NY
33 National Parks (U.S.) National World War Two Memorial
33 Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Memorial
32 Fountains Fontana di Trevi
32 World Heritage Sites Grand Canyon Arizona
32 World Heritage Sites Historic Centre of Prague
32 National Parks (U.S.) National Mall
32 Wikipedia Entries Empire State Building
32 Vietnam POW/MIA Monuments The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
32 Fountains MGM Grand Lion Fountains
31 U.S. National Register of Historic Places Lincoln Memorial
31 World Heritage Sites Independence Hall
31 Engineering Landmarks Hoover Dam - Boulder City NV
31 Cathedrals Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
31 Capitol Buildings Palace of Westminster - London England UK
31 Wikipedia Entries Spaceship Earth - EPCOT
31 Town Clocks Astronomical clock PRAGUE Czech Republic
31 Town Clocks Palace of Westminster Clock Tower London UK
30 Permanent World Fair and Expo Structures Space Needle - Seattle United States
30 Amusement Parks Universal Studios Orlando
30 Official Local Tourism Attractions White House Washington D.C.
30 Giants of Commerce M&Ms - M&M's World - Las Vegas NV
30 Wikipedia Entries Statue of Liberty
30 Vietnam War Memorials Vietnam Veterans Memorial Constitution Gardens Washington D.C.
29 U.S. National Register of Historic Places Hoover Dam
29 World Heritage Sites Cologne Cathedral
29 National Parks (U.S.) President's Park (White House)
29 Military Installations Castillo de San Marco
29 Olmsted Designed Parks The Mall - Washington D.C.
29 Wikipedia Entries The United States Capitol
29 Wikipedia Entries The White House
28 NPS Passport Cancellation Stations Washington Monument
28 Exact Replicas Statue of Liberty New York New York Las Vegas
28 Military Installations Elmendorf AFB Alaska
28 Castles Hradcany - Prague Castle
28 Geodesic Domes Spaceship Earth - Epcot Disney World FL
28 Great Buildings of the World Washington Monument - Washington D.C.
28 Amusement Parks Sea World Orlando
28 Casinos Caesars Palace - Las Vegas NV
28 Wikipedia Entries The Smithsonian Institution
28 Arch Bridges Karluv Most Prague Czech Republic
27 Walt Disney World Benchmarks Epcot--Bridge to Mexico
27 Ancient Roman Civilization Roman Colosseum
27 National Parks (U.S.) Vietnam veterans Memorial
27 U-Haul SuperGraphics U-Haul #119: Maine
27 Fountains Fountain at the FDR Memorial
27 Bells Liberty Bell - Independence NHP
27 Capitol Buildings United States Capitol Building Washington D.C.
27 Googie Architecture Fabulous Welcome Sign - Las Vegas NV
27 Official Local Tourism Attractions Lincoln Memorial Washington D.C.
27 U-Haul SuperGraphics U-Haul #118: Virginia
27 World Heritage Sites Paris Banks of the Seine
26 U-Haul SuperGraphics U-Haul United We Stand: Washington D.C.
26 Castles Schloß Neuschwanstein
26 Photo Goals Find a street corner sign with your name on it!
26 U-Haul SuperGraphics U-Haul #110: Idaho
26 Look-Out Towers The Eiffel Tower Paris France
26 World Heritage Sites Yosemite National Park

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